Reviving Antique Clawfoot Tubs by Reglazing

 Clawfoot tubs are the pride and center of attraction in many American homes, especially if they are done up in Colonial or Greek Revival house styles. Amongst other antique furniture, olden clawfoot bathtubs are often passed from one generation to another as a family heirloom. If you wish to refinish your age-old clawfoot tub to give it a deserving facelift, you can either turn into a refinishing repairman or approach a professional refinishing technician to do the needful. Clawfoot tub reglazing is much cheaper than installing a brand new clawfoot that may cost you thousands of dollars.  The Reglazing Process   An old bathtub can be upgraded by a technique known as reglazing or recoating. Antique tubs with grimy and stained surfaces can be given a new look by refinishing it. Tub reglazing is a lengthy procedure; it may involve 5 to 6 hours of work plus a dry period of one day. The multi-step process may involve a thorough cleaning of the tub, sanding the areas to remove any residue

Labor Laws in the UAE: Know Your Rights in Detail

  Many ex-pats find Dubai’s labor laws as a hard nut to crack. They may have some basic ideas about the regulations, but they never bother to understand them thoroughly. Resultantly, it all ends up to a never-ending predicament. Therefore, you need to understand these laws so as to prolong and save your employment in the emirates. Starting from scratch, the labor law is a federal law that is applicable to everyone working in the UAE, irrespective of their nationality. However , security forces, domestic servants, farmers, and federal and local government personnel are exempted from these rules. Although the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is in charge of enforcing these labor laws on all UAE based workers, these are the federal and local courts that resolve disputes regarding violations.   Labor rights are very well protected in the UAE since the emirate covers every possible aspect between employees and employers. All the issues regarding compensation, employment contracts, worki

The Basics of Maintenance Services

  Another aspect of building maintenance in Dubai is the aspect of design. The owners can get the assistance of an architect to design the project's facade, where to place the various decorations, and how to arrange the street layout. The clients can always ask for a " design team " to design the entire facade of their house. According to the clients, the project manager is available twenty-four hours a day to assist them with the facades. The clients can also request the estimate for the entire project and it will be at the clients' own discretion who he or she will choose for the designers. The cost of the project may be very different depending on the level of investment that has been made. There may be additional expenses that have to be considered such as the payment of the engineers and architect's fees. The clients are free to select from any of the Design and Engineering design services available in Dubai. The interior designs for the various rooms are sub

Here are 10 benefits of walnuts. Why you must be Including walnuts in your diet daily?

What is Walnuts? Walnuts are a type of dry fruit . The scientific name of its tree is the genus Jugailus. A walnut fruit has a single seed, which is tasty and crisp. It used in a wide range of foods, including main cakes, cookies, and energy bars. Many types of nutrients are present in it, which are necessary for the body. Many problems can be kept away from this, which we will explain in detail later. It is also a matter to keep in mind that walnuts are not a medicine, by which any disease can be cured. Therefore, it is important to get a doctor's treatment in the event of a serious illness. Benefits of Walnuts Due to the medicinal properties of walnuts, its intake can have many health benefits. It can help keep many diseases away and treat them, which are as follows: For heart health:- According to a scientific study published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the benefits of eating walnuts can prove to be helpful in keeping the heart-healthy