Reviving Antique Clawfoot Tubs by Reglazing

 Clawfoot tubs are the pride and center of attraction in many American homes, especially if they are done up in Colonial or Greek Revival house styles. Amongst other antique furniture, olden clawfoot bathtubs are often passed from one generation to another as a family heirloom. If you wish to refinish your age-old clawfoot tub to give it a deserving facelift, you can either turn into a refinishing repairman or approach a professional refinishing technician to do the needful. Clawfoot tub reglazing is much cheaper than installing a brand new clawfoot that may cost you thousands of dollars. 

The Reglazing Process 

An old bathtub can be upgraded by a technique known as reglazing or recoating. Antique tubs with grimy and stained surfaces can be given a new look by refinishing it. Tub reglazing is a lengthy procedure; it may involve 5 to 6 hours of work plus a dry period of one day. The multi-step process may involve a thorough cleaning of the tub, sanding the areas to remove any residue soap, repairing the cast iron cracks, and dents. After removing all imperfections, special acid is applied to the tub followed by the application of a primer coat. Later, a topcoat of any color is applied to the bathtub as a final touch. If you want a good job done ensuring full safety, it is always advisable to rope in the experts. 

Possible Hazards 

To avoid accidents during the reglazing process, workers need to wear protective gear, masks, and quality coveralls with tiny air filters. When you hire certified and experienced technicians, they will come prepared with all necessary safety equipment and other materials required for the project such as duct extensions to let out the dangerous vapors. 

Why DIY is Not Recommended?

Toxic fumes can be released during the refinishing process and they can create health issues for people living in the area. That is the main reason why home refinishing experts do not advise DIY even though kits are easily available in the market. It is a fact that reglazing technicians often ask the apartment members to leave the premises for a few hours until the job is over. 

Treated Bathtubs have Longer Shelf-Life 

When your antique clawfoot bathtub has been prepped perfectly and reglazed to its old glory, it may stand good for more than 7 to 8 years. You have to take adequate care of the tub by keeping it clean so that it lasts for a long time and can be passed to the future generation. You must never use harsh cleaning chemicals and stick to gentle cleaning liquids and sponges to clean the soap and dirt from the tub. 

You can search online to find the most-recommended tub reglazing service providers to discuss your project and get the quotes. 

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